Xavier Niel will soon launch Stancer, a new payment solution

“The payment revolution is coming…” It is through this enigmatic tweet, published on Wednesday, September 21, that the telecommunications group IliadFounded by Xavier Niel, announced the launch of Stancer, a new online payment solution. Master in the art of teasing, the French billionaire has not yet revealed what this new financial service would consist of.

If this new company already has a website, Stancer.com, it instead just consists of a single home page featuring the famous rocket that Free uses when launching a new service, our colleagues atFreebox Universe. Originally, the rocket carried the following message, encoded in base 64, “We refund the money”. The latter has now been replaced by a hiring call, with the email address: job@tancer.com.

On the Iliad group recruitment page, job offers are offered for iOS Developer, Financial Manager, Senior Python Developer, IT Operations Manager and Product Manager. At the beginning of the year, Stancer was looking for a data scientist, a community manager or even a web developer, positions that seem to be filled, specifies Clubic.

A quick tour of the networks allows you to learn a little more about this mysterious company. On Twitter, the Stancer account thus indicates “helping companies grow thanks to simple and accessible payment solutions (…)

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