With “So what? », Adé returns to his first popular love

Singer Adé, March 16, 2022.

Adélaïde Chabannes de Balsac was only 17 years old when, one day in 2013, she convinced Raphaël Faget-Zaoui to accompany her after having sung to him, on acoustic guitar, a version of jimmy, country folk ballad by Moriarty. Quickly escaping from the acoustic vein, the duo expanded to become a quartet that will travel between groove and rock, under the name of Therapie Taxi.

two albums – dirty beat (2018), exquisite corpse (2019) – and a handful of hymns that oscillate between madness of the senses and trashy love (Bitch), idyllic coma, dirty beat, with your zouz…) will become a small generational phenomenon, before a separation sealed by triumphant farewell concerts, in the fall of 2021.

Since then, place for solo races. rap »under the Zaoui surname, he released singles (Bad, let go of your body, c the base…), confirming his taste for border parties and urban rhythms. Adé returns to the American sources of her debut in a first album, And so ?, whose pop vivacity is infused with banjo, mandolin, harmonica and pedal steel. Except for one song – what (“So watch your ass, yeah”) –Today’s young woman abandons the rude words that further embellished the pieces of her former group by contrasting them with her appearance as a girl from luxury neighborhoods. “I had a lot of fun embodying this edgy side, but most of the lyrics were written by ‘Raph’.”explains the singer.

desire for autonomy

While playing her role to the end on an intense farewell tour, Adé had already started working on songs that would sound like her. Aware from the beginning of the ephemeral nature of her formula (“this energy was too rooted in youth and adolescence to last”), the group had registered their separation at the dawn of 2020. Calmly planned, their last concerts had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

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The forced loneliness of confinement has, meanwhile, encouraged Therapie Taxi’s moody voice to refine her identity as a singer. “What did you really want? What defined me? » To answer these questions, the Parisian immerses herself in her memories: “Gamine, I was constantly listening to a Shania Twain single, come here [1997], unaware that it was a country pop hybrid. » She overlaps her passions: “How to reconcile the modernity of Lorde and the classicism of Joni Mitchell? » The algorithms of the streaming platforms give you some clues. “While preparing my playlists, Kacey Musgraves offered me a piece. In her own way, on the album golden hour [2018]mixing the roots of Nashville with the delicacy of the most contemporary pop was a revelation”says Adé, citing the album by this Texan singer and guitarist.

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