The 10 best Simpsons predictions for the next 20 years

the simpsons predictions They have always confused fans of the series because the creators sometimes wrote long before the events that eventually happened. Now that we know that the writers of The Simpsons predict the future, it’s time to look into the crystal ball to find out what will happen to us in the years to come.

1. A global war against China in 2031

What episode? : Season 28 Episode 11

When Marge discovers a Japanese method of tidying up (exactly like Marie Kondo’s), she decides to throw out all the clutter in her house. Homer tells him that at least he could have kept his 2014 calendar with a joke a day because in the year 2031 the days will fall like in 2014. He clarifies that it would have been useful for them to have jokes to entertain themselves after the World. Third War against China.

2. Robots will take over

What episode? : Season 23 Episode 17

In an episode that parodies the movie. I robot, Mr. Burns decides to replace the employees of his nuclear plant with robots, but of course, the latter end up taking control of the plant, then of the city. If that happens to us, we will have looked for it because there have been enough movies to warn us.

3. A virus in contaminated meat will cause a zombie invasion

What episode? : Season 21 Episode 4

When Krusty Burger launches a new sandwich with beef that has had beef in it, Lisa suspects it’s a bad idea. She is right, as those who consume it immediately turn into zombies. This is not so unlikely since she was feeding animal meal to oxen that developed the mad cow crisis in the late 1980s. This disease is a degenerative infection of the central nervous system that causes dementia. We hope that the human has learned from his mistakes and does not feed beef burgers to the cows.

4. A president is going to shoot his wife

What episode? : Season 14 episode 21

After doing stupid things as dirty little rascals, parents Bart and Mulhouse enroll them in youth groups. Bart goes to “Tween Indian Warriors” and Mulhouse goes to “Chivalry Youth”; then they become competitors and Bart is not happy when he sees in the newspaper that the group from Mulhouse has taken it upon themselves to clean up the city. Much more interesting is the headline below this newspaper article: “President Shoots His Wife.” At the moment, no American president has realized this prediction, but it may still happen in the coming years.

5. Google’s self-driving cars will cause serious accidents in 2044

What episode? : Season 25 Episode 18

In this episode released in 2014, some scenes take place 30 years later; Bart and Lisa, now adults, live in 2044. Bart takes care of his children and specifies that his wife, Jenda, works at Google. He had to leave urgently, manage a crisis situation: autonomous cars marketed by Google have been hijacked by hackers causing fatal accidents on the roads. It will be here soon guys.

6. We can make some money selling our organs

What episode? : Season 23 Episode 9

In Christmas of the year 2041, Bart must spend the day with his children who live the rest of the time with their mother from whom Bart is separated. Just before they arrive via teleportation technology, Bart’s landlord tells him that he is behind on rent. Bart replies that he will soon have money because he will sell his second kidney when the first has finished growing. If the Simpsons can really predict the future, then it will be possible to regenerate organs 20 years from now.

7. Anyone can be cryopreserved in less than 20 years.

What episode? : Season 23 Episode 9

Also in 2041, Homer takes his grandchildren to a part of the cemetery to see their father, Abraham Simpson. When the latter found out that he suffered from an incurable disease, he decided to be cryogenized. The really practical thing about the series (and what seems difficult to achieve) is that it is possible to resurrect the frozen person and refreeze him immediately after pressing a button. Much better than a retirement home.

8. The United States will face an unprecedented crime wave in 2030

What episode? : Season 11 Episode 17

Bart meets a medium who predicts his future and that of his family. He finds out that Lisa will become president of the United States in 2030 and that the country is really screwed. As a previous government decided to invest in youth education, children have become too smart and fit young adults. Everyone becomes a criminal and the country has never seen such a big crime wave.

9. Our body will vanish when we want to transfer our mind to the metaverse

What episode? : Season 23 Episode 9

When Lisa is an adult in 2040, she will be married to Milhouse (shame) and have a teenage daughter, Zia, who is too rebellious. Whenever her mother bothers her, Zia “disconnects” her body from her real world to connect in a virtual world. Her body is rendered unconscious, but her mind is connected to a computer that she can live on. Given the evolution of the metaverse, we may not need to wait until 2040 for this to exist.

10. Autonomous robots will be able to provide hospital consultations

What episode? : Season 23 Episode 9

The same year, Maggie is pregnant and is having an ultrasound at the hospital. So far, nothing strange, except that it is a robot that gives consultations and the ultrasound is seen directly on the screen that acts as the robot’s face.

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