Tesla urgently recalls more than a million vehicles due to safety concerns

news hardware Tesla urgently recalls more than a million vehicles due to safety concerns

Following an investigation by the US federal agency in charge of road safety, Elon Musk’s firm is forced to recall 1.1 million Tesla vehicles due to a major safety issue.

2022, a record year for vehicle recalls at Tesla

If sales still seem to be in good shape at Tesla, behind the scenes and after-sales service, it’s not the same story.

We remember the controversy that arose this summer as a result of numerous complaints from users who had to deal with repair times that could well exceed 8 weeks of immobilization. In question ? A flagrant lack of spare parts, but also of authorized technicians to carry out the repairs.

In a survey conducted in the United States by the firm JD Power among more than 80,000 buyers of new vehicles of all brands, vehicles Tesla had an incidence rate of 226 per 1,000, one of the highest on the market. Worse still, in another survey of more than 50,000 people who needed their after-sales service in the last year, With a satisfaction rate of less than 60%, Tesla is the chump of the class.

This episode adds to the many reminders of the brand this year. :

  • February 2022: Tesla recalls more than 800,000 vehicles due to problems with seat belts
  • May 2022: Tesla recalls over 130,000 vehicles due to on-board computer overheating issue
  • July 2022 – Tesla recalls more than 60,000 vehicles due to an issue with the eCall emergency call feature
Tesla urgently recalls more than a million vehicles due to safety concerns

Tesla forced to recall 1 million vehicles for window safety malfunction

This day, Therefore, Tesla is forced to recall around 1.1 million vehicles due to an issue related to its power window safety device.

Specifically, in a large number of vehicles of all types of models, the detection system that involves reversing the direction of the windows after encountering resistance or an obstacle is potentially susceptible to not working.

This affects both the passenger and driver windows and therefore there is a high risk of getting your fingers caught, especially for the little ones.

The vehicles affected by this mass recall, the largest this year, are: :

  • About 3 models designed between 2017 and 2022
  • The Model Y designed in 2020 and 2021
  • Model S designed in 2021 and 2022
  • Model X designed in 2021 and 2022

As most of the time with Tesla vehicles, a recall doesn’t necessarily mean a return to the store, quite often. a simple remote update (OTA) is enough to fix the problemwhich will be the case again here.

At the moment only the United States is concerned and if the problem is taken seriously by the NHTSA, the federal agency in charge of road safety in the US, Tesla specifies that no or even the slightest accident has been reported. injury from this malfunction.

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