Soon an economic penalty for patients?

It is a trend that is confirmed month after month, even year after year. the doctors increasingly facing appointments booked and not kept by patients, reports the parisian. In addition, a survey conducted by the Ile-de-France Regional Union of Health Professionals shows that, on average, patients miss two appointments per day (voluntarily or not). This equates to a total of 28 million citations per year. An observation made by many practitioners, as one of them explains to our colleagues. A patient in a hurry calls you on a Saturday morning, asks for an appointment for 10:30, but half an hour later he still doesn’t show up.

When calling him, his secretary finds out that he preferred to go to the emergency room without prior notice. “This type of situation happens to me two or three times a day,” laments the doctor. If professionals in the sector are angry, it is because the economic cost can be important for them, with a reduction in daily work time. But also for citizens, at a time when the number of emergency visits is skyrocketing – it is estimated at 22 million. “Do the math, we could attend to the millions of patients who go there, in the absence of finding a place in the city,” adds the doctor, also vice president of the UFML (French Union for Free Medicine). For the sector, the situation began to change after the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, many health professionals had to replace the holes (…)

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