Expand general medicine studies to fight against medical deserts? The project does not pass

The government plans to expand the studies of future general practitioners to encourage interns to go to areas where access to care is difficult.

POLITICS – Ten years of study instead of nine for future general practitioners? The government plans to extend the internship of certain medical students by one year to compensate for the absence of general practitioners in certain medical desertsReport Friday September 23 the Sunday newspaper Y franceinfo. A project that is already causing a stir.

The fight against medical deserts was part of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promises. A first step could already be taken this Monday, September 26, when the Social Security financing bill (PLFSS) is presented to the Council of Ministers.

Presented jointly by the Ministries of Health and Higher Education, the measure integrated into the PLFSS aims to increase the number of internship years for general medicine students from three to four years. This fourth year will take place outside the hospital with interns supervised by an internship supervisor, franceinfo reports. Students will be encouraged to prioritize medical desert areaswith, in particular, housing aid to promote sustainable installation, specify our colleagues.

“We strongly oppose”

The modalities are far from being defined and a joint mission between the two ministries concerned should allow the proposal to be fine-tuned. But unions are already opposing the project.

During the internship, medical students are assigned to a hospital and a ward for three years. After two years, the intern works independently, but remains under the direct supervision of a physician. This possible fourth year, in greater autonomy, and in a new environment, makes the inter-union wink. ” We strongly oppose. We know that patients deserve more than coerced doctors [et] only”, The Intersyndicale Nationale des Internes (INSI) reacted on Twitter.

She denounces a measure “coercive” which does not respond to the real problems faced by medical students. “We propose in our policies to fight against the resignations of medical students, allowing changes in subdivisions and specialties, opening more outpatient internships for all specialties, freeing up medical time,” precise, promising from the beginning a mobilization against the government project.

The Paris representative union of general medicine interns “They will be mobilized more than ever […] SAY NO TO COERTION”For its part, the organization reacted on Twitter.

The fight against medical deserts is one of the priorities of the “health” section of the National Refoundation Council. The debates will begin on October 3, “in the provinces, in a region where there are difficulties (to find but where we innovate to face them”announced the Minister of Health François Braun on September 18 at the JDD.

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